PART 3: 5 HOUSES 5 CITIES. The house in Eindhoven


PART 3: 5 HOUSES 5 CITIES. The house in Eindhoven - Thom Puckey

Brass, copper sulphate.
1st and ground floor of an old house in Eindhoven

5 Houses 5 Cities was a project I carried out in 1983/84, in collaboration with Galerie De Appel Amsterdam, the Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht, Het Apollohuis Eindhoven, the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, and Galerie Corps de Garde Groningen. The project involved my moving into a old house in each of these cities. I spent one week completely isolated in each house, looking for and reading 'signs' (marks on the wall, cracks in the woodwork etc.), and from these, drawing and planning an installation; then one week constructing this installation. Then the house was opened to the public for a week. After this third week I allowed myself one week free, whereafter I moved to the following house. I restricted my working materials to one metal and one chemical for each house, allowing myself otherwise only wood as a construction material and sometimes water. I drew much from old alchemical texts for inspiration and methodology, and in addition some texts by Rudolf Steiner. In this house in Eindhoven, the third of the series, I imagined a spiral form throughout the house, then I marked the essential points of this spiral in every room by means of wooden towers with blocks of copper sulphate crystals high up in them, culminating in a huge brass dish-like form in the middle room.