Reindeer Werk

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leading to a near complete photo-documentation of all the major Reindeer Werk performances.

From 1973 until 1981 I worked with the artist Dirk Larsen as the performance art duo 'Reindeer Werk'. We manifested our work on an international scale, through Europe, North and South America, and Australia, with solo presentations in such places as Galleria Remont Warsaw, De Appel Amsterdam, Fodor Museum Amsterdam, Véhicule Art Montreal, CEAC Toronto, and so on, and with participation in, amongst others, Documenta 6, the Brooklyn Museum Performance series, Westkunst Köln, multitudinous performance festivals and so on........ Developing our performance work through into workshop situations, we also took on much guest-teaching work, in colleges and art schools in England, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Holland.

Our collaboration with Joseph Beuys during Documenta 6 led to further collaborations with Beuys' Free International University, and the establshment of our own adjunct grouping: Associates.

Our work was pure, non-theatre-based performance art, concerned with extreme non-consequential forms of behaviour, self-referential and self-agressive, and performed always in front of an audience. The sculptural qualities of the performance itself were amplified and extended through the build-up of physical tension amongst the members of the audience.